Hands up who loves the sensation of bare feet on wet grass, paddling in a cool mountain stream, padding along a leafy path in autumn and having a good ole splash in a muddy puddle. If you don't know what we're raving about how about coming along to one of our guided walks and find out? Of course, if this all sounds familiar to you then we'd love you to come along anyway, the more the merrier!

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People are starting to discover that wearing minimalist shoes (or no shoes at all) is giving them a better running experience than using the padded, supportive running footwear that occupies the mainstream market. If you're struggling with heel striking, shinsplints, blisters, the dreaded black toenail or several other nasty complaints then maybe it's time to consider getting back to how we were originally designed to run.

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Just hanging out

Next time you notice that you're wearing shoes then pause for a second and ask yourself why. Love 'em and feel comfortable in them? Then great, keep on wearing them! Can't wait to get them off? Then ask yourself why you can't just take them off. If the best answer you can come up with is that everyone else is wearing shoes and you'd feel a bit self-conscious then guess what - you're hanging around with the wrong people and it's time to come along to one or two of our events!

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Why we're here

We're a group of people who have realised that sometimes shoes are unnecessary or even counterproductive. For some of us being barefoot helps us run better, reduces joint pain or gait problems, for others its all about being able to feel the ground beneath us and enjoying the sensations of reconnecting with the earth and for the rest of us - well, it's just a lifestyle choice because we feel more comfortable.

Padding Around Yorkshire is all about helping us on that journey. If you fancy meeting up for a walk, want to go for a run, need some information about how to safely increase your barefoot time, want to invest in minimalist footwear or are just a little curious then this site and our associated Facebook page are a great place to hang out.




Next Steps...

Take your shoes off! Come and join us for a walk. Try out some barefoot shoes. Next time you're going for a run and you like the look of the terrain, try a hundred metres or so barefoot. Join our discussion on Facebook. Write a blog. Come and help us organise an event. Most importantly, help us build a community!